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2017 Hill Editorial by Jeff Cassady


“Countries that have plenty of food, have many issues…countries that do not have enough food, have only one issue”.

As a country, we are truly blessed to have an abundant food supply…enough to feed our population and extra to export in trade to other countries.  Agriculture in the US, however, often gets taken for granted.  We have fewer and fewer numbers of people directly employed in production agriculture who truly understand the technologies and importance of today’s Modern Agriculture. 

The Southern Crop Production Association is primarily involved in state and local issues which potentially impact our membership.  Bucky Kennedy, our State Affairs Director, along with his State Affairs Committee, constantly monitor proposed legislation within our 16 states.  As doors are closed at the federal level, environmental activists are increasingly shifting their attention to the state and local levels; where their local personal relationships can be leveraged in pursuit of their goals.

Our industry is strongly based on science.  We desire a transparent, predictable, science-based regulatory process that allows our industry to make the necessary investments in new innovation, technologies and infrastructure. 

SCPA has made our annual pilgrimage to the Hill for many years.  Each year we try to choose the most current, relevant and important industry topics to discuss with our Senators and Representatives.  The topics are chosen in consultation with our CropLife America brethren, who maintain a daily pulse of D.C. national politics.  We come to support their efforts, as well as bring a turnrow perspective, on behalf of agriculture. 

This year’s Hill visits focused on four priority industry topics:

The wheels in Washington, D.C. often move slowly.  Throughout the next 12 months we will continue to follow these issues and monitor their legislative progress.  I believe there will be measurable progress on these (and other) agricultural issues during the coming year. 

Thanks for your willingness to step up and be involved!

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