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Technical/Agency Draft Recovery Plan for the Chucky Madtom

Chucky Madtom, a small fish endemic to the upper Tennessee River system in Tennessee – The US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is seeking public comments on a technical/agency draft recovery plan for the species which includes “… specific recovery objectives and criteria that must be met in order for [the Agency] to reclassify this species to threatened status …”

Document Title: The title of the November 1, 2016 FWS Federal Register Notice is “Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Technical/Agency Draft Recovery Plan for the Chucky Madtom”

Organization: The November 1, 2016 Federal Register Notice was signed on September 6, 2016 by Mike Oetker who is the Acting Director of the US FWS Southeast Region

Source: November 1, 2016 FWS Federal Register Notice

Comments Due By: January 3, 2017

Web site: The November 1, 2016 FWS Federal Register Notice is posted at

The June 2016 FWS draft recovery plan is posted at

A Species Profile for the Chucky Madtom is posted at

Contact: Questions may be directed to Mary E. Jennings who is the Field Supervisor with the U.S. FWS Tennessee Ecological Services Field Office in Cookeville at 931 528 6481; fax: 931 528 7075; e-mail:

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