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Farm Bureau Annual Conference Report

The legislative staffs from the Farm Bureaus in the Southern states held their annual conference July 31 through August 4 in Charleston, South Carolina. Staff from 12 states where in attendance to hear updates from their colleagues on issues that were of concern in their states. The staffs were able to share success stories on legislation and rules and regulations that affected its members.
SCPA state affairs director Bucky Kennedy was able to provide an update from the association and to thank the states that helped promote the uniform seed standard legislations in their states. Kennedy stated that it was a successful year for the industry and it would not have been possible without the support and hard work of the staffs in the room.
The staffs were also able to hear updates from SCPA member companies about issues that were of importance to each of the companies. Some of the updates included the atrazine issues from Syngenta and an update on the Dow DuPont merger. The merger is still on schedule to be completed in the last half of 2016.
SCPA and its member companies always appreciate the time and effort that our allies at the Farm Bureaus provide to promote a strong agriculture industry.


Report from Bucky Kennedy

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