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USDA announces a new strategy to help coastal ecosystems heal following Oil Spill

Gulf Coast Restoration – The USDA has announced a new “… three-year, $328 million restoration strategy to improve water quality and help coastal ecosystems heal following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The strategy will guide how USDA will steer conservation efforts on private lands in priority areas of the Gulf of Mexico region … As part of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS’) Gulf of Mexico Initiative (GoMI), this three-year plan strategically directs existing and anticipated Farm Bill funds for technical and financial assistance through a variety of Farm Bill conservation programs to key coastal counties … From now through 2018, NRCS will help agricultural producers plan and implement conservation improvements to 3.2 million acres in priority areas, which [is intended to] result in cleaner water and healthier ecosystems … This targeted strategy focuses on improving and increasing water, restoring coastal ecosystems and leveraging local, state and federal partnerships in more than 200 Gulf-area counties and parishes …”

Document Title: The title of the September 19, 2016 USDA News Release is “USDA Unveils New $328 Million Restoration Strategy for Gulf-area Agricultural Lands; Three-Year Plan Guides Investments on Working Lands, Complements work by RESTORE Council and other Partners”

Organization: USDA Office of Communications

Source: September 19, 2016 USDA News Release

Web site: The September 19, 2016 USDA News Release is posted at

The September 2016 Gulf of Mexico Initiative Restoration Strategy is posted at
* Specifically at

Information about the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council is available at

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