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Pyrethroid Use at Risk; Comment to the EPA Now

The Environment Protection Agency announced this month that pyrethroid ecological risk assessments have reopened for comments. If you want to continue to have access to these important tools, please read this and respond.

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North Carolina Hog Operation found Responsible for ‘Nuisance’

North Carolina Hog Operation found Responsible for ‘Nuisance’ caused by Smell, Noise and Other Disturbances – A federal jury has awarded more than $50 million in damages to neighbors of Kinlaw Farm which raises hogs for Murphy-Brown LLC, a division of Smithfield Foods – Plaintiffs claimed to have “… suffered[…]

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Produce Industry Leaders Concerned About H-2C Amendments

It’s been a long time since significant immigration reform that will help American growers has passed Congress. The most promising reform proposed this year — H.R. 4092 or the Ag Worker Act — cleared a major hurdle when it passed out of committee last week.   Read more

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