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Luncheon Speaker, Rep. James Comer

Congressman James Comer of Kentucky’s First Congressional District was our luncheon speaker.

“The farm bill will be hard to pass,” he began. “But I think there is going to be a new day in Washington with the EPA. Let’s get the world to see agriculture in a new light. Let’s do it, but let’s do it with some common sense.”

A brief Q & A followed his optimistic speech about the future of agriculture.

When asked how we should address the opposition on the farm bill, Rep. Comer suggested coming up with a better word than “safety net.” Having a safe and predictable food supply is ultimately a matter of national security for the United States.

Congress needs to hear from us more than just once a year. Rep. Comer advised that we constantly make our voice heard to make the case for agriculture. Change begins with us!


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