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SCPA Executive Committee Meeting with EPA

Bucky Kennedy, SCPA State Affairs Director; Michael Boden, SCPA Vice President; Spencer Black, SCPA Past President; Scott Pruitt, Administrator of EPA; Steve Williams, SCPA President; Beau Greenwood, CropLife America; Jeff Cassady, SCPA Executive Vice President

While we were in Washington, DC for our 2017 Hill Fly-In, the SCPA Executive Committee and Staff (Steve Williams, Michael Boden, Spencer Black, Bucky Kennedy and Jeff Cassady), led by CropLife America Executive VP Beau Greenwood, had the good fortune of having a private meeting with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and Associate Administrator of EPA Policy Samantha Dravis.

We discussed many of the same topics that were discussed during the meetings with our Senators and Representatives with extensive dialogue involving the Endangered Species Act. Other topics included the importance to our industry of having a transparent and predictable regulatory environment that will allow increased investment in new innovation; and FIFRA’s importance to our industry.

There were three significant takeaways from this meeting.

This Administrator strongly believes that the EPA can create a regulatory environment that both promotes business investment and protects the environment. They intend to do this by creating a regulatory environment that cuts through the currently existing bureaucracy and is based on common sense.

Secondly, the various federal governmental agencies and departments are clearly working together in tandem to develop and create policies and strategies that are in the best interest of the United States.

Finally, the Administrator clearly possesses exceptional leadership skills. He understands the current state of federal regulatory policies and the bureaucracy that has been created by them; and wants nothing more than a fair and balanced playing field versus the rest of the world.

Our intent is to continue to find ways to bring value to our membership and our industry. Overall, it was both an enlightening and very positive experience for all involved.

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