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SCPA Executive Committee Visits with USDA

Michael Boden, SCPA Vice President; Steve Williams, SCPA President; Spencer Black, SCPA Past President; Rebeckah Adcock, Senior Adviser of USDA; Jeff Cassady, SCPA Executive Vice President; Tommy Laux, SCPA Secretary/Treasurer; Bucky Kennedy, SCPA State Affairs Director

The SCPA Executive Committee met with Rebeckah Adcock, Senior Adviser to the US Secretary of Agriculture, on Wednesday afternoon before our Thursday Hill visits. Rebeckah previously worked for CropLife America in government policy. She recently accepted the USDA position and is significantly involved in the regulatory reform arena.

Rebeckah has an exceptional understanding regarding the many issues facing agriculture due, in large part, to her previous position with CLA. The implementation of the Endangered Species Act is seen as one of the greatest current threats to modern production agriculture. Additional topics discussed included FIFRA, pesticide permitting near water (NPDES), and the Pesticide Registration Enhancement Act (formerly known as PRIA).

Relationships between various governmental agencies are currently being strengthened as agriculture, Rural America and foreign trade grow in priority within the Trump Administration.

An invitation was hand delivered to Rebeckah inviting Sonny Perdue, US Secretary of Agriculture, to speak at SCPA’s Annual Meeting in November in Greensboro, GA. We hope the Secretary’s schedule will allow him to join us!

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