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Jay Vroom Testifies Before Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry Regarding the Importance of PREA Reauthorization

As a co-founder of the PRIA coalition in 2003, Vroom spoke to the importance of the diverse support for the program stating, “On behalf of the pesticide industry, I would like to emphasize the benefit of working alongside the NGO community and in concert with our state and federal regulators…”

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Regarding the state of the seed business, the only sure bet heading into the new year revolves around mystery. “At the risk of sounding cliché, the story of the seed industry entering 2019 remains one of change and uncertainty,” Quinn Showalter, Head of NK Seed Sales with Syngenta, says. Read[…]

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US Unemployment Falls to 18-Year Low, Hiring Strong

Another month of strong hiring drove the nation’s unemployment rate down to 3.8 percent — tantalizingly close to the level last seen in 1969, when Detroit still dominated the auto industry and the Vietnam War was raging.   Read more

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