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Trump Proposes 30 Percent Cut to Superfund

President Trump’s proposed cut for the Superfund program comes as some in Congress are trying to do just the opposite—restock the program’s coffers.
The Superfund program, which EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has called “absolutely essential,” would be cut by nearly one-third under President Donald Trump’s proposed budget. The program pays for cleanup of toxic waste sites.
Under the president’s budget blueprint, released March 16, the fiscal year 2018 allocations for the program would be $762 million. That would be a 30 percent drop compared to its fiscal year 2016 funding level, about $1.09 billion.
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) introduced a bill March 15 (H.R. 1531) that would revive an expired Superfund tax and bolster funds for the program.
“We need to be strengthening the Superfund program, not undercutting it,” said Nicole L’Esperance, a spokeswoman for Blumenauer.

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