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Trump to nominate Oklahoma Attorney General Pruitt as head of EPA

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt selected by President-Elect Donald Trump for nomination to serve as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Pruitt was elected the Attorney General of Oklahoma in November 2010 and “… established Oklahoma’s first federalism unit to combat unwarranted regulation and overreach by the federal government. He is a national leader in the cause to restore the proper balance of power between the states and federal government, having served two terms as president of the Republican Attorneys General Association … Before being elected attorney general, he served eight years in the Oklahoma State Senate where he was a leading voice for fiscal responsibility, religious freedom and pro-life issues … After earning his Bachelor’s Degree from Georgetown College and graduating from the University of Tulsa’s School of Law, Scott Pruitt went into private legal practice, specializing in Constitutional Law …”

Web site: Source: December 8, 2016 President-elect Donald J. Trump official Facebook post at

A brief biography of Attorney General Scott Pruitt is available at
* Additional information is posted at

A December 7, 2016 Wall Street Journal news story, titled “Donald Trump Taps Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to Lead EPA Republican has been harsh critic of agency, fought Obama’s environmental regulations “, is posted at

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