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Brazil Pesticide Makers to Study Products’ Effects on Bees

Producers of some pesticides in Brazil will, for the first time, be required to study their products’ potential toxic effects on bees.
IBAMA, the enforcement arm of the Environment Ministry, announced March 1 that an ordinance (No. 2/2017) has been issued covering existing Brazil-registered pesticides suspected of having toxic effects on bees, as well as any new pesticides that companies want to register. It also requires that agency to use the results of studies to reevaluate whether already-registered pesticides should be banned and evaluate whether new pesticides that producers want to register should be made here.
That evaluation process could require companies to present a series of increasingly rigorous laboratory and field studies on the active ingredients of their pesticides, depending on how potentially toxic a risk they present to bee populations, based on IBAMA assessments of initial company-submitted research, the ordinance states.

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