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North Carolina Hog Operation found Responsible for ‘Nuisance’

North Carolina Hog Operation found Responsible for ‘Nuisance’ caused by Smell, Noise and Other Disturbances – A federal jury has awarded more than $50 million in damages to neighbors of Kinlaw Farm which raises hogs for Murphy-Brown LLC, a division of Smithfield Foods – Plaintiffs claimed to have “… suffered episodes of noxious and sickening odor, onslaughts of flies and pests, nausea, burning and watery eyes, stress, anger, worry, loss of use and enjoyment of their property, inability to comfortably engage in outdoor activities, cookouts, gardening, lawn chores, drifting of odorous mist and spray onto their land, inability to keep windows and doors open, difficulty breathing and numerous other harms …” – Smithfield Foods plans to appeal the decision to the Fourth Circuit Court and stated that it believes “… the outcome would have been different if the court had allowed the jury to (1) visit the plaintiffs’ properties and the Kinlaw farm and (2) hear additional vital evidence, especially the results of our expert’s odor-monitoring tests …”


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