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Agribusiness & Agriculture Interests Submit Documents In Florida VS. Georgia Water War

The Georgia Agribusiness Council, joined by the Georgia Urban Agriculture Council and the Georgia Green Industry Association, filed an amicus brief (friend of the court document) in the Florida vs. Georgia lawsuit regarding water rights. As you may recall, the courts designated a Special Master, the Honorable Ralph Lancaster of Maine, to work with the states on this matter. The arguments began October 31, 2016, and are being held in Maine.

The amicus brief was submitted on Friday, October 21. It showcases agriculture industry engagement in legislative and regulatory actions to enhance water conservation and efficiency over the past two decades. The brief also delivers a strong message regarding Georgia’s economic impact in the Flint Basin and references to previous court cases in other state battles over water allocation. We believe each of these areas are beneficial to the State of Georgia’s argument. Alston & Bird attorney’s Nowell Berreth and Brian Boone crafted the document. 

GAC is pleased to have water policy initiatives as a top priority and to invest in the amicus brief to support agricultural water use, both in production agriculture and landscapes. As you are aware, this is of the utmost importance to our industry interests. The Council has always advanced policies and practices to be good stewards of our water resources and we are taking action to support the State of Georgia in this suit brought forward by the State of Florida. You can review all submissions made regarding this lawsuit at:

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